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I want to say THANK YOU
 Thank you to Bryan who is spreading the word about my website and dealing with heavy end of trying to make this a successful business.
Thank you to my daughter Alesha for helping me in the shop & taking packages to the post office.
Thank you to my son Brandon for helping out with the bull work to set the shop up.
Thank you Jeremy for helping me lift my heavy supplies.
Thank you to my sister Nikki who is helping spread the word about my website...
Hugs & Kisses to her two lovely girls Mylee & Maleea, welcome home!
Thank you to my youngest sister who is also helping spread the word about my website...
& her spunky little daughter (My Little Monkey Butt)
who thinks the things I paint are "COOL" & always cheers me up!
Smooches to her new baby Boy named Jacob
OF COURSE THANK YOU to my repeated and new customers! Without you this would not be possible.
If I fail to mention you on this page please do not be hurt by it as I am updating it all the time and I truly do not mean to miss anyone.