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At this time you only need to email with your order 

please list what items you want to order

along with how many of the item you would like

and if you would like them finished or in bisque

once the itmes are finished I will pack them up and get an exact shipping

and send you an invoice via paypal 


If you are going go order multiple items I do consider offers

& I do combine shipping when ever possible




Every painted item is hand made by me alone. Therefore it takes a while to make your items.

If you order a finished item "even if its the same color as the one listed or someone elses that ordered from me"

Your item is still one of a kind. I never ever paint 2 items exactly the same.

I always change something about the item to make them special and one of a kind.

I have created separatepages on the side for you to click on for the individual information.


If you think of some information that would be good for me to list please feel free to email me and let me know.

I am just building this website and learning different things to add so any advice will help.
I hope you will find what you are looking for

The name Ltlbit's Creation's came from the idea that it took a little bit from 
everyone to make this work
My son & other half move the heavy molds, chop the wood for the colder months to keep my shop warm 
My daughter helped pour & clean the items & take the pictures for me to list the items
You as our customer to place the orders
However now that my son & daughter have their own places & both have jobs
& they say  "I have a life now mom"
Its just me working on your items
but the name still works cause
it takes a Little Bit more of me to get the work done.
Ceramic Bisque is an white item that you paint yourself
To learn one method of painting your items please click on the link below
When you purchase a Bisque item from me and expect it "RIGHT NOW" That’s not going to happen. I have to pour these up & wait for them to dry enough to take them out of the mold. On humid days it takes even longer. Then I must clean it and if it turns out great then I fire it or if it does not then I re-pour it. If something happens during the firing or I just don’t like the way it turns out I will start all over. I do my very best to give you a great product & service.
 I do apologize if this take longer than expected.

Please be give me time to finish these items. Its just me working on everyones orders.

* * * NOTE * * *

No you can not offer me more money to make your items first.  Its first come first serve. I do my very best to get everyone's orders done in a timely fashion. 

* * * SPECIAL NOTE * * *
Im working on getting all my bisque items from my ebay site to here also
so that way if you don't have an eBay account you can buy here